There are tons of sales in August that many buyers perceive as good deals. But, there are some products that you should not buy in August because there will be better deals on them in just a few short weeks.

Here are 6 products you should not buy in August:

Fall clothing

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With the seasons changing soon from summer to fall, stores are not going to be putting sweaters and other cozy items on sale right now. During August, most stores will have summer clothes on sale and clearance, so now is the time to stock up on summer basics for next year! If you are looking for a good deal on fall clothes, you won’t see them on sale until October.


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Phones: A lot of major cellphone brands, such as Apple, are notorious for launching new phones during the month of September. If you are in the market for a new cellphone this month try and wait until September. You can either see a massive price cut in last years model or you can get the brand-new model.

TVs: You might be able to find some good sales on TVs. But since it is back to school month for college students there are many models that might be more expensive because they are a common dorm room size. If you are shopping for a 32”-40” TV, you may want to wait until September.

**Remember the best deals on TVs and other electronics is on Black Friday!


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 If you are looking for a new mattress right now, try to wait just a few weeks for Labor Day weekend. If you wait for the Labor Day sales, you could save hundreds of dollars on a new mattress set!


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Just like mattress’s, wait until the Labor Day sales hit. This is the best time to buy appliances. So, if it’s not urgent, wait a few weeks to save a lot of money!

Amazon devices

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 Amazon devices are very popular right now. During Amazon Prime Day (July 15-16), consumers saw massive price cuts on amazon products (some products over 50% off!). If you missed Prime Day and are in the market for some Amazon devices, we recommend waiting until Black Friday/ Cyber Monday to see that kind of discount again.


August is grilling season which means that buying a grill will still be expensive, and you are not likely to find a good sale. If you can hold out just a few more weeks, it will be considered “off season” for grilling and that means grills will be marked down significantly. To get big savings try your best to squeeze out another month with your grill.

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By: L. DiBartolomeo July 30, 2019