Fall is quickly approaching (much faster than most hoped for) and that means new. fall. clothes! But, as you look longingly into your jam-packed closet of clothes you wonder, “How in the world will I ever fit my new fall clothes in this mess?”. Well, let me tell you how in 5 easy steps!

Donate Clothes

Before you put your summer clothes in bins and put it away, go thru your clothes to donate them! And I know how hard that is…we all have great intentions of clearing out our old clothes but once we start, we find ourselves thinking “what if I need this t-shirt that I haven’t worn in 10 years?!” Let me just tell you now, you don’t need that Looney Tunes t-shirt, let it go.

A tip that will help you clear out your closet and donate clothes- try to remember the last time you wore that item, if you can’t remember, donate it if it’s in good condition or throw it away if it’s in bad condition. If you can remember the last time you wore it, be honest with yourself… will you actually wear it again next year?

Put Away Summer Clothes

Now that you have cleared some of your clothes out by donating them, get your preferred storage container out (vacuum seal bags, plastic totes, etc.), you will need at least two, one for tops and one for bottoms (possibly more depending on how large your wardrobe is). Label the bags or totes “Tops” and “Bottoms”. Then start folding up your spring/ summer clothes and putting them in their respective storage container.

I know, this is going to be boring. Honestly, who likes to fold clothes? To make this fun play some music and belt out to your favorite songs!

Buy New Hangers

organized closetEmily MayFlickr

Don’t act like your clothing isn’t slipping off its hanger as you read this right now.  You probably need new hangers, and what better time to buy them than when you are reorganizing your closet?  Buy new heavy-duty non-slip hangers for your new clothes, like these from Amazon. Also, if you switch out all your old, mismatched hangers for all the same, new hangers, your closet will be more appealing to the eye and look more organized and uniform.

Section Your Closet by Type of Clothing

Fall Clothes organizedStephen Harris Flickr

After you buy new hangers, it’s time to put your new fall clothes in your closet! Now, we all know how it feels to know what you want to wear but you can’t find it in your closet. To help alleviate this problem section your closet by types of clothes. If you want, you can add in labels to label each section or you can just divide it up in your mind.

To make your closet the most visually appealing try sorting your clothes by longest items down to shortest items. Try this order: dresses, pants, skirts, suit jackets/ cardigans, sweaters, tops/ blouses, and t-shirts (if you chose not to fold them).

Don’t Forget About Your Shoes

Stacy Spensley  – Flickr

Don’t lie to me, I know you have a pile of shoes sitting at the bottom of your closet, in a corner of a room, by a door, you get my point. There is a massive pile of unorganized shoes somewhere in your house dating back years. Most of these shoes are out of style, there is only one of them, or so worn out you would never dream of wearing them.

Go through your shoes just as you did with your clothes, put away your spring/ summer shoes. And finally, buy a shoe organizer (whether it’s a shoe rack or over the door shoe organizer) and put away your dang shoes!

Now go off and clean your closet for fall!



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By: L. DiBartolomeo

September 3,2019