There is spring cleaning and then there is fall cleaning…spring cleaning is for opening up your home from the cold of winter and making your yard look beautiful for the up coming summer. Fall cleaning is for closing up your home and prepping it for the long winter ahead. There are a few things you should do this fall to cut costs on heating and make sure nothing gets damaged this winter.

Clean the pantry

Take out all cans and boxes then wipe down the shelves.

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Wash all the windows

cleaning windows

The summer heat, dust, and pollen have left your windows looking a little lackluster. Make your windows shine again before fall and winter starts by washing the inside and outside.

Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

checking smoke detector

In the winter months you may use a fireplace or space heaters and you use your oven more frequently. Make sure all your detectors are working properly.

Replace air filters

man cleaning air filter

Most people love to snuggle up with their heat on to stay warm in the winter. To make sure your furnace is working effectively and you have better air quality this winter make sure to change the air filter.

Clean the gutters

man cleaning gutters

To avoid having damage not only to your gutters but to your roof, brackets, and even foundation to your home make sure to clear our leaves and other debris from your gutter.

Drain and store garden hoses

You should never leave your hoses out during the winter. If you do there is a high chance of your hose getting damaged.

Clean patio furniture

After cleaning your outdoor furniture make sure to store it properly.

Check weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows

Make sure there is no chance of having a chilly draft coming in along with any water. This will keep your home warmer so you don’t have to have the heat on as much (which means you will save money!).

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By: L. DiBartolomeo