Do you have to store your car for the winter? Storing your car properly for the winter is vital to keep it running smoothly. If you store your car for the winter, follow these tips to prevent your car from being damaged while in storage:

Wash and wax

Wash and wax your car before storing to remove all the dirt and grime that may have a corrosive effect.

Fuel tank

To avoid having a varnish form, fill your gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer before storing. This will combat contaminates in your fuel tank. After adding the fuel stabilizer let the vehicle run for about 5 minutes to let it flow through the fuel system.

Top off all the fluids

Make sure to top off all fluids and make sure to change the oil and filter to avoid corrosion.


A dry garage is the best place to keep your car in the winter months. A personal garage will work well, if you do not have one find a storage facility with a concrete floor. Never store your seasonal car that has the floor as bare earth. To prevent condensation buildup, try a tarp on the ground.

Parking Brake

If you have an automatic transmission leave the car in ‘park’, if you have a manual transmission leave the car in ‘neutral’ and chock the wheels. But, NEVER use the parking brake. It will make the brake pads freeze to the drums or rotors.


Make sure to inflate your tires to the maximum PSI rating. Doing this will prevent the tires from creating flat spots that will damage the tires. It is found that taking your tires off and putting your car on a jack or blocks could possibly damage your suspension.


Remove the battery to protect it through the winter. Some recommend putting the battery on a piece of wood and hooking it up to a battery maintainer (tender), others recommend using a trickle charger. Make sure to read up on your car to see which is preferred.

Car Cover

You should invest in a good car cover that is breathable with a soft inner layer to protect the paint. Auto Anything makes custom car covers to fit your exact car.

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By: L. DiBartolomeo 10/23/19