The days of dressing up in an extravagant costume and going about my neighborhood to fill my bag up with sugary candy are long gone for me. I still recall how much fun it was getting all dressed up in my costume and going trick-or-treating with my brother and sister. However, it never occurred to me as a child how dangerous going trick-or-treating can be. As an adult you can recognize the risks, here are ways to keep your child safe while trick-or-treating.

Safe walking while Trick-Or-Treating

  1. Make sure your child’s costume is fitted properly to avoid them tripping and falling. Also, make sure your child is comfortable going up and down steps in the shoes they are wearing.
  2. Use face paint, make up, or temporary face tattoos instead of a mask. The majority of the time masks limit visibility and you child could trip or not see a car coming down the street.
  3. Watch for cars pulling out of a parking spot, backing up, or turning around. Tell your kids to never cross the street between parked cars, if a car is coming down the street it is unlikely, they will see your child.
  4. Never let your child under the age of 12 go trick-or-treating unaccompanied by an adult. IF your child is older always make sure they go with a group of friends and at least one of them has a fully charged cell phone with them.
  5. Make sure to always stay in well lit areas with other people around.
  6. Have your kids wear glow stick bracelets/ necklaces or carry a flashlight so cars can easily see them when it is dark out.

Safe driving while Trick-Or-Treating

  1. There will be a lot of excited kids running around. Drive extra slowly around residential neighborhoods.
  2. Always keep your car lights on.
  3. Stay aware of your surroundings. Keep kids in the car quite and the radio low so you are able to concentrate or the road.
  4. The most popular times for Trick-Or Treating is 5:30pm-9:30pm on Halloween. Be aware that some neighborhoods go Trick-Or-Treating on Beggars Night (October 30th).

Safe Halloween Decorations

  1. When setting up decorations make sure that walkways are clear of debris, place decorations so there is no chance of someone tripping on them
  2. Follow the manufacturers directions when setting up decorations to make sure your home and others are safe. Neve put decorations outside that say “indoor use only”
  3. Avoid any open flames in your decorations outside or inside if you are having people come in your house, try battery operated candles instead for the same effect!
  4. Make sure your front yard and walkway are well light so people can see where they are going.
  5. Walk your front yard, walkway, house and back yard (if people will be there) at night to make sure there are no hazards that someone could potentially injure themselves on.


Always remember to check your child’s candy bag for any candy that may be tampered with. Learn how to check your kids candy here!

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L. DiBartolomeo 10/29/19