Winter can sometimes feel never-ending, especially throughout the entire month of January. After the holiday’s end, the days may seem to drag on because there is nothing particularly important coming up. Though the winter months can feel long and dreary, here are a few tips to stay motivated!


  1. Open your blackout curtains!


If you have blackout curtains, you know how incredibly amazing they can be to sleep in; however, you may find yourself waking much later than you had planned and end up sleeping the day away. This can sometimes even make you feel more tired than you did before. Winter days are shorter, and you really don’t want to put yourself at risk of waking up when it’s starting to get dark.


For reference, adults ages 26-64 years old are recommended to get 7-9 hours of sleep. The amount of sleep that you should be getting depends on your specific lifestyle and may vary; if you experience sleep problems, your amount of caffeine intake per day, your weight, etc. For more information about how to get the most healthy amount of sleep for your age, visit the website below.

National Sleep Foundation Recommends New Sleep Times


Set your alarm for a decent morning time, get up, and enjoy the daylight. You’ll get more done this way and will most likely feel well-rested and happier.


  1. Create a schedule for yourself


One main problem why people can become demotivated during the winter is because they find themselves sitting around, doing nothing, and not knowing what to do. A very important and helpful fix for this would be to create a schedule for yourself and list everything you need to get done. With this being said, there’s no reason you have to overwhelm yourself and list every single thing you want to get done.


If you struggle with following schedules, make it easier on yourself to start out and list 3-5 things per day that you’d like to complete/work on. This could be something as simple as taking out the trash, unloading the dishwasher, or vacuuming a room. Once you become accustomed to your schedule, try to add on a few things to your to-do list (like going grocery shopping) and maximize your day.


  1. Try exercising in the morning


Trust me, I know. Waking up early and actually being active sounds disgusting and I can tell you’re already exhausted thinking about it. Believe me when I say exercising in the morning, even if for a half-hour, will make a HUGE difference in your day. Not only will you avoid the cold-weather-blues, but you’ll just all-around feel happier and far more awake.


You don’t even need a gym membership to stay active. Go for a walk/run, do some jumping jacks and crunches in your house, or even just take the stairs at work to get your blood pumping. Do whatever works for you as long as you’re doing something; and hey, it’s more than you were doing before!


  1. Do things that you enjoy


Think about what you genuinely like to do, like your favorite hobbies and pastimes, and be sure to add it into your schedule! If there’s one thing that will keep you motivated, it’s doing something that you really like doing.


Get some lunch with friends, paint, or even just cozy up with hot cocoa and watch the snowfall (it is winter, after all). As long as you’re up and out of bed, you’re doing yourself a favor. If what you like doing gets you out and about, then that’s even better.


  1. Get dressed as soon as possible


Trust me when I say that when you get dressed into your nice, daily winter clothes, you’ll feel WAY more motivated to get things done. The sooner you get dressed in the morning, the sooner you are willing to be productive and start your day. Doing so will also help you feel more accomplished, especially on your days off. Reference #3: If you decide to exercise as soon as you wake up, immediately shower and get dressed into your daily clothes to stay on that wave of energy for the day.


Spending the morning in PJs can be great, but will demotivate you from being productive. Even if you feel as though you don’t have anything to do on a particular day, starting your day off by getting ready will allow you to get done much more than you had originally planned.


  1. Put your morning clothes near your heater


Have you found yourself dreading to get out of bed every morning because of how freezing your room feels outside of your blankets? A way to feel better when getting out of bed is putting on nice, warm clothes. If you leave your clothes near your heating vent or radiator overnight, your clothes will be toasty and ready for you as soon as you wake up.


If you’re able to preset a timer on your thermostat that will raise the temperature at a certain time every morning, that’s even better. If your entire room is warm, you’ll have no reason to not get up.


  1. Eat well


Eating healthy meals will not only make you feel better about yourself, but they’ll energize you as well! Whether it means making yourself a healthy smoothie a few times a week, adding in healthy fruits and vegetables to your shopping list, or just completely trying a new healthy recipe, eating well will keep you healthy and strong during the winter months.


It’s easy to order takeout often during winter because it’s “too cold outside” and you don’t want to leave the house. Try to avoid doing this as much as possible. Not only can it be unhealthy, but it can add up to be really expensive if you order takeout often.

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  1. Don’t forget that winter has fun to offer, too!


It’s easy to forget that there are fun winter activities you can do to not only stay motivated but enjoy yourself instead of spending all of your time waiting for it to be warmer. Not only will planning a winter activity give you something to look forward to, but it will get you out of the house.


Go ice skating, sledding, watch the snow from the window of a coffee shop, or spend the weekend at a ski lodge spa. Whatever it may be, embrace winter for what it is and stop spending your time trying to avoid it.


Staying motivated during the winter isn’t as hard as you’d think if a little effort is put in. Use these tips to get through winter feeling energized and happy; not to mention excited for what each day has to offer. We hope you’ll feel less of a winter blues drag and more like a descendant of Snow Miser. Stay warm and good luck!


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By R. Kubek