Flu season is still going strong. It’s common when one person in your home gets sick the rest of the house will too within a matter of days. Sometimes getting sick is unavoidable, but you can take all precautions to avoid getting the cold or flu. If you are the one that is sick, there’s also a lot of things you can do to keep others healthy.

If someone else is sick:

Wash your hands: Wash your hands frequently with antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds. If you touch something that was touched by someone sick, wash your hands. If you don’t have access to a sink, use hand sanitizer.

Disinfect, disinfect, and you guessed it, disinfect: Buy a new container of disinfecting wipes when you are picking up those tissues and cough drops! Did you know that some germs can live on surfaces for 2 hours? Make sure that anything that a sick person touched is being disinfected! Things like the TV remote, door handles, faucets, and appliances (fridge and microwave) should be disinfected frequently.

Separate dishes: This is obvious, but, DO. NOT. SHARE. DISHES! Don’t drink out of the same glass or eat off the same plate as your loved ones when they are ill.

Keep toothbrushes away: Keep your toothbrush away from anyone else’s to avoid contamination. When everyone in the house is over their illness, replace all the toothbrushes.

Don’t use the same hand towels: have two hand towels out for the people that are sick and for the ones that are not.

Sleep in different rooms: if your spouse is sick don’t sleep in the same bed as them. Go sleep in the guest bedroom or on the couch.

Don’t touch your face: Avoid spreading the germs on your hands to your eyes or mouth.

Have a sick person free room: keep one germ-free area in your home if possible.

Take care of yourself: If you stay hydrated, eat right, and get enough sleep you are less likely to get sick. It might be hard to do when you have sick kids around but if it is possible doing those small things will help to keep you healthy.

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If you are sick:

Cover your cough and sneezes: Remember to cover your cough and sneezes with your elbow (never your hands!). Or consider wearing a face mask to avoid the spreading of germs. Learn about how germs are spread through droplet transmission here.

Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated will help you flush your system and get you healthier faster. Keep a water bottle near you at all times and drink from it frequently.

Throw away dirty tissues: Reduce the spreading of germs by throwing your dirty tissues away immediately. Try keeping a small garbage bin or plastic bag near you so you don’t have to keep getting up.

Stay away from others: The best way to keep others around you healthy when you are sick is to stay away from them and rest. Now is the time to lay in bed and binge-watch your favorite shows! Check out this list of 26 best shows to watch on Netflix (February 2020).

Remember the best way to avoid getting sick is to always practice healthy habits such as eating right, taking vitamins, and exercising.

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By: L. DiBartolomeo 2/27/2020