Valentine’s day isn’t just about expensive gifts and fancy dinners, it’s about appreciating and spending quality time with your significant other. Coming up with a date idea to spend time with your significant other that isn’t going out to dinner can be difficult. So, here are 8 fun date ideas to do this Valentine’s Day.

Ice Skating

Valentine's Day

Whether you are good or bad at ice skating it is a great bonding experience. You can show off your moves if you are good or you can laugh at each other if you are both falling all over the place! Either way, you are sure to have a great time with each other.


Make dinner together

Cooking together can be a great way to work together. Try making a dinner you love or try a new recipe! At the end of the night, you will have spent quality time with one another and have a delicious meal!

Try one of these Valentine’s Day approved recipes!

The Food Network- Valentines Day Recipes


Go to a paint night

Get artsy this year by going to a paint night! Not only are you spending time with each other, but you can exchange paintings at the end of the night.


Game night with other couples

Do you and your valentine love game night? If you do, all you need is some games, a nice spread of food, and a great group of friends. Now you can spend the day with everyone you love!


Exchange homemade gifts

There is nothing like getting a gift that had a lot of thought put into it. For Valentine’s Day this year instead of buying a gift from a store, make homemade gifts! Some ideas are photo cube, a jar of date ideas, love letters, and hand-painted mugs.


Get competitive

Time to get competitive this year with your significant other! Go to an arcade, laser tag, bowling, or ax throwing! Whatever competitive activity you choose this year keep track of who wins each game and whoever loses the most games has to pay for food after!


Movie night in

Have a relaxing night in and watch a movie with your significant other. If you find yourselves debating on can’t a movie that both of you want to watch, try this solution. Each of you writes 3 movies you want to watch on pieces of paper put all the pieces in a bowl and choose a piece of paper out of the bowl. The movie that was picked is what you will be watching.


Have a bake-off

Valentiness day

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? This year both you and your valentine try to bake something of your choice without a recipe, whoever’s is better or closest to resemble what you were trying to make wins. If you have kids make it a family challenge!

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By: L. DiBartolomeo