When buying a home, or simply living your daily life inside of your own home, there are many factors we fail to consider that may raise the price of your home insurance. There are actions that you can take with many of these factors in order to help lower the cost of your home insurance. We listed the top factors that may affect your home insurance cost and how to try lowering it!


Crime rate in your neighborhood

High crime rate near your neighborhood? Chances are, your home insurance is likely to be raised due to the higher potential of a break in/damage to property. You are more likely to receive a discount if you purchase a home security system.

Click on the link below to find the crime rate in the neighborhood you’re looking to buy a house in (or simply because you are curious of neighborhoods near you!)

Crime Map


Credit score

Your credit score, high or low, will most likely reflect your premium. Some companies may give you a discount if you have a high enough credit score, but others might make you pay more if you have a lower score.


Deductible amount (too low of a deductible)

Raising your deductible will lower your premium (sometimes by quite a lot). If your deductible is too low, you might end up paying way more in premium costs.


Not bundling home and auto

Many companies offer discounts for bundling your policies (such as home and auto). Bundling home and auto generally will lower the price of your premium, depending on the company.



If you raise the value of your home by remodeling, be sure your homeowner’s insurance is up to date. Your premium may increase due to the increase of value; however, you want to make sure that you have the insurance to pay for what you just added to your home in the case of a loss.


Pools and trampolines (attractive nuisances)

Due to the occurrence of a potential injury, your premium will most likely increase with the addition of a pool, trampoline, treehouse, or other hazards. If you have a pool, fence it in. Fencing in your entire yard might be the best option to add extra security and peace of mind. You may receive lower rates if your insurer sees that your home is safely enclosed with minimal chance of an accident occurring. Keep in mind that if someone is injured at your home using an attractive nuisance, you may be liable whether or not you gave them permission.


Age of house, roof, and materials

If you live in an older home, your roof may be more likely to break down or leak from the elements. The replacement costs will raise over time.


Home security and safety

Not only will your premium have the likelihood of decreasing, but you will gain peace of mind by owning a home safety system. Even by replacing old locks or installing a monitored home security system may help your premium to decrease.


Owning a dog

Keep in mind that if you have a breed of dog with an “aggressive reputation” (e.g. pit bulls, rottweilers, etc.) that your premium rate could be higher (even if he IS a good boy). This actually has a higher impact than many would think.


Marital status

Married homeowners generally have lower premium rates as they, in the past, have generally filed less claims. They are seen as less of a risk and the chances of someone being home are higher, meaning there would be someone to call the police in the case of a burglary or fire.


Proximity to a fire station or fire hydrant

If you live closer to a fire station or hydrant, your premium will most likely be lower. This is because it would take less time for you to get help in the case of a fire emergency. If you live further, more damage will virtually be done by the time that help arrives.


These are just a few ways that your home insurance can be affected. Keep these in mind while you shop for a new home or, if you are already a homeowner, find something that you can do in order to lower your current premium. Good luck!

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By: R. Kubek