As I am sure we are all aware, the best way to stay safe to avoid spreading illness to one another right now is to avoid as much physical contact as possible. In order to do this, it is widely recommended that everyone stays indoors and away from large groups as much as possible. While it can seem boring and unproductive, there are so many things that you can accomplish while “quarantined.” Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of social distancing!


Deep clean your house

This might not be the most fun idea, but hey, it probably needs to get done anyway! On another note, its allergy season and minimizing the amount of dust and germs in your house can help you breathe better during your time spent at home. Go ahead and dust each room of your house, vacuum, clean the bathrooms, clean the windows, and clean and put away your laundry, just to name a few. Chances are, you’ll feel better and more motivated if you’re surrounded by a clean house.


Organize your closet

Do you have old clothes in the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in 10 years (or have possibly never worn)? Have everyone in your house go through their closets and separate their current clothes from the clothes they will never wear. Then, go ahead and create a donation pile for the less fortunate. You’ll be surprised at how many clothes you don’t need, as well as the extra room you now have in your closet! Just make sure these clothes are lightly to never worn if you plan to donate them.


Take up a new hobby

If you have a lot of extra time on your hands while social distancing, take up a hobby that you’ve been meaning to for a while! Whether that means painting, yoga, writing, learning a new language, etc., now is the best time to discover a new passion or talent! It might even be a nice stress reliever for current times, as well as in the future.


Go for a run outside

As long as you are not around groups of people, it is actually recommended that you spend some time outside for some fresh air and exercise! This can be especially helpful for those who attend the gym regularly. If it helps, go for runs at the same times and days that you generally go to the gym to keep to your regular routine and help you stay motivated.


Create a schedule for yourself

This is especially important if you are working from home. Many concerns/complaints about working from home are that it is difficult to stay motivated and focused, especially with your family members also at home. Go ahead and create a schedule similar to the one that you would have at work normally. This will allow you to maintain your regular rhythm, help you stay motivated and focused, and allow your family members to understand when they need to leave you alone/stay quiet.


Set up a clean, productive working space

This goes hand-in-hand for the above tip. Setting up a clean working space for yourself at home will allow you to focus on your work, as it’ll allow for fewer distractions and less clutter. It’ll also help you in your transition from working in an office to working at home if you are struggling with it. If you are working in a separate room, be sure to put a sign on the door to let your family know that you are working and not to bother you. Be sure to also inform them of your work schedule ahead of time, just to be safe.

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Complete your unfinished home projects

That’s right, it’s time to hang up that picture frame that’s just been sitting on the floor for over a year, waiting to be hung up. Organize your spice cabinet. Clean out the basement. Throw away unneeded clutter. Build that shelf from IKEA that you never got around to building. Not only is it productive, but completing these projects will allow you to be much less stressed once you no longer need to social distance. You’ll also have a lot less on your plate to worry about.


As I’m sure you’ve heard over-and-over lately, we’re all in this together. Social distancing can be hard, but we hope you are able to stay motivated, get some work done, and relax as well! We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during these difficult times.


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By R. Kubek