Do you say “I’m bored” about 100 times a day? Have you taken your dog on 6 walks today? Do you scroll on social media for so long you actually hit the bottom of your feed? Do you want to pull your hair out at the mere thought of having another movie night? If this sounds like you I would keep reading. This is a list of 15 things to do in quarantine with yourself or with your whole family. There are some serious suggestions like going through old mail (yuck) and some fun things like the Quarantine Olympics!

Learn to bake bread (or anything else)

You most likely have everything you need in your kitchen to make an easy loaf of bread. Making a beginner’s loaf of bread is actually easier than most people think! Check out this easy Focaccia bread recipe from Inspired Taste. If you aren’t into bread learn to make homemade pasta or a fun new drink recipe (or both! what else is there to do?)

Clean your closet out

I know cleaning out your closet isn’t the most fun thing…but the seasons are changing, and it is about time to pack up all your winter sweaters. Take a look at our old article 5 Ways to Make Room for Your Fall Clothes. Yes, it’s about fall clothing but it applies to all the seasons!

Quarantine Olympics

You might be asking what are the Quarantine Olympics? The Quarantine Olympics is a series of competitions that your family competes in every day until the end of quarantine and you keep track of the winner every day. It was started by the Presley family in North Carolina and they have been documenting all the games on their TikTok (a social media site). Learn more about the Quarantine Olympics here.

Donate food

If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate to a food bank take a trip to the grocery store ~with your face mask of course~ and buy some non-perishable food. Homeless shelters and food banks have seen over a 90% increase in people coming to get meals since the start of the pandemic.

Take a virtual tour of a museum

If you love the arts or history take a virtual tour of a museum this weekend! Business Traveller compiled a list of popular museums offering free virtual tours right now!

Learn about a new subject

You could dig in and do some research on the topic yourself, listen to a podcast, or instead of watching The Office for the hundredth time on Netflix watch a documentary.

Go through that giant stack of mail

Don’t lie…every house has a massive stack of mail that just gets tossed to the side. Take a half-hour to go through it, you never know what you could have missed.

Crafts with your kids

Craft time is a great way to spend quality time with your kids and to get them off their electronics. However, it is pretty hard to get craft supplies while social distancing. Check out this article by Care.com on craft ideas only using 3 items!

Cancel the subscriptions you don’t use

Whether it is a streaming service, magazines, or your car wash membership. Most people have at least one subscription they never use and still pay for. Take a look at your bank account and see what you could unsubscribe from!

Teach yourself a random useless skill

What better time to learn a useless skill than right now, when you have nothing else to do? It could be anything from juggling to lighting a match with one hand. Take a look at this article to learn some cool but useless skills!

Download Duolingo or similar app

Now is a pretty great time to learn a new language by downloading a free language app like Duolingo! (I’m learning French right now!)

Make a Charcuterie board

If you love charcuterie boards here’s a challenge: make the most beautiful one you can but you can only use items you already have. See what you can come up with!

Try an idea from Pinterest

Pick an idea from one of your dozens of Pinterest boards, attempt to make it, probably fail, try it again.

Spring Clean

If you can manage to get your hands on all the cleaners you need to properly Spring Clean your house do it! Scrub your bathroom, clean out your garage, and wash the outside of your windows!

Make a budget and track it in an Excel Workbook

Many people swear by tracking their budget in an Excel Spreadsheet (or Google Docs Spreadsheet- it’s free!). But, it can be stressful if you are not familiar with the program. There are tons of Youtube videos on how to use a spreadsheet to track your budget like this one! (there’s already tons of free premade templates too!)

Leave a comment on what you are going to try!


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By: Lauren DiBartolomeo

April 24, 2020