Home insurance is confusing and at times very stressful. That is where your independent insurance agent comes in, we want to make buying (or renewing) homeowners insurance as easy and stress-free as possible. Here are a few key coverages that you will find on your homeowners policy, simplified.

Dwelling coverage

This is the section of your homeowner’s policy that will help pay for the repairs or rebuilding of the structure of your home (walls, floors, etc.) if it is damaged due to a covered loss.

Other Structures

Covers standalone structures (not attached to your home) on your property if they are damaged. Standalone structures include fences, sheds, detached garages, etc.

Additional Living Expenses

This coverage will help pay for extra living expenses while your home is being repaired after a covered peril has damaged it (such as a fire). A few examples of possible covered expenses are rent, hotel expenses, or the cost of having to eat out.

Personal Property Coverage

This covers the things you own like electronics, clothing, and jewelry- basically things that are not part of the structure of your home. Personal property coverage will help pay the cost to replace your belongings after a covered loss happens.

Scheduled Personal Property

Most insurance policies have a cap for how much they will pay for more expensive items such as jewelry, furs, and coin collections. If you have any of these items that exceed these caps scheduled personal property coverage would be your best option to have these items properly covered. To have your property covered this way you will usually need to provide a recent receipt of the item or have it professionally appraised.

Personal Liability Coverage

Liability coverage will protect you from lawsuits when someone who does not live in your home gets injured on your property. This will pay for medical expenses for the injured person and any expenses for a lawsuit up to your covered limit.

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By: L. DiBartolomeo

August 4, 2020

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