Sure, Halloween will be different this year, just like everything else, we missed out on all the usual fun summer brings, and unfortunately, it is the same way for fall. It is time to get creative so we can celebrate Halloween- 2020 style.

The CDC put out Halloween safety guild lines to stay safe while celebrating. A few things they recommend avoiding this year are traditional trick-or-treating, trunk-or-treating, indoor parties, haunted houses, and hayrides. Even though we need to stay socially distanced there are still so many ways we can have fun this Halloween!

Things to do instead of trick or treating on Halloween:

Halloween scavenger hunt

If your kids still want Halloween candy but you are not going trick or treating, set up a scavenger hunt for them to find candy around your house and yard. Better yet, have them dress up in their costumes too!

Halloween Movie Marathon

Who doesn’t love binge-watching Halloween movies? If you are staying in on Halloween grab a bowl of popcorn and get comfy because we created the ultimate list of Halloween movies for you to watch. On this list, there are 93 Halloween movies split into 3 categories A Very Netflix Halloween, 31 Days of HULUween, and Halloween for Kids.

Host a Zoom party to show off costumes

From kids to adults – if you have a costume you want to show it off. This year in-person costume parties are not a reality but Zoom costume parties are. Get a group of friends (your friend or your kid’s friends) together on Zoom to show off some awesome costumes. Make it even more fun by choosing the best costume!

Decorate pumpkins

Usually, people carve or decorate pumpkins before Halloween but who says you can’t also do it again on Halloween? Double up this year on pumpkins and have 2 carving nights filled with Halloween treats and movies. (Plus 2 carving nights = 2 batches of pumpkin seeds!)

Check around your community for contactless Halloween activities

If you really want to get out of the house but want to stay socially distanced check your community for different Halloween activities that you can do while staying in your car. Somethings to look out for would-be drive-in movies or drive-through haunted houses.

Hallowen Trick-or- Treaters wearing Covid masks

Things to remember if it is safe in your neighborhood to trick or treat:

Always keep your mask on

For kids, the CDC says a Halloween costume mask is not appropriate to stop the spread of germs. They say it is best to wear a reusable cloth or disposable mask that will match the theme of your child’s costume. For adults, when you are walking around with your kids or handing out candy. Remember to keep your mask on to cover your mouth and nose.

 “A costume mask (such as for Halloween) is not a substitute for a cloth mask. A costume mask should not be used unless it is made of two or more layers of breathable fabric that covers the mouth and nose and doesn’t leave gaps around the face.” – CDC.gov

Go trick or treating with people from your household only

To minimize exposure, keep your trick or treating group to just the people in your household and skip going with your kids’ friends this year.

Always keep a minimum of 6 feet from others

Even outdoors you should maintain a distance of 6 feet from people that do not live in the same household as you.

Avoid large crowds

If you notice the house that you were going to go up to has a lot of people standing outside of it- skip it and come back later

Set up bags of candy for trick or treaters

If you want to hand out candy, consider making baggies full of candy. You can line them up at least 6 feet away from you and the trick or treaters can pick up themselves. This will allow you to keep your distance while still seeing the cool costumes!

Make a candy slide/ chute

If you do not want to make baggies of candy, consider buying 6 feet of PVC pipe from your local hardware store to create a candy chute off the railing of your porch. You can decorate the chute anyway you would like. Try painting it black and going to a craft store to find Halloween decorations to put on it. If you want to make more of a slide on your lawn read this article to learn how to make a candy slide out of PVC pipes.


No matter how you choose to spend the holiday we hope you have fun and stay safe (while staying 6 feet apart)!



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By: L. DiBartolomeo October 14,2020