About US

The Northwoods Corporation is a group of Independent Insurance Agencies throughout New York State. Founded in the mid 1990’s, Northwoods has quickly grown into one of the largest agencies in the region. Through a unique model of consolidation and collaboration, Northwoods has found itself on the cutting edge of workflows, processes, and technology.


Northwoods is a full-service management firm providing resources to agency owners including, but not limited to, market access, technology, increased revenues, and perpetuation planning.


While Northwoods, exemplifies growth and evolution, at the foundation, Northwoods was built upon the ideals of family, community, and tradition. The “Northwoods-family” reaches from its local employees, to their families, and to all of the towns Northwoods is proud to represent.


Whether you are an individual shopping for car/home insurance, a new venture business owner, looking to start a career, or an independent agency owner, please reach out to us today to see what Northwoods can do for you!